Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fan

Celling-Rotor-Centrifugal-Fan.jpg Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fan

Ecoair is the largest manufacturer of the Duct type Ventilation Fan in India. Ecoair provide Ceiling Exhaust Fan having quiet operation but covers long ventilation distance.

BPT Series

Semimetal Series
  • BPT10-21J   BPT10-24JL
  • BPT10-24JH   BPT15-27JL
  • BPT15-27JH   BPT15-32J

  • Plastic Series
  • BPT10-21S   BPT10-24SL
  • BPT10-24SH   BPT15-27SL
  • BPT15-27SH   BPT15-32S
  • Details

    Model AirFlow (CFM)
    BPT10-21S 89
    BPT10-24SL 117
    BPT10-24SH 147
    BPT15-27SL 176
    BPT15-27SH 223
    BPT15-32S 323