Condenser Tube Cleaning System

Automatic-Tube-Cleaning-System Condenser Tube Cleaning System

Ecoair is the largest manufacturer of the Condenser Tube Cleaning System for Chillers in India. Ecoair Chiller Tube Cleaning System ensures 100% clean tubes.

  • Zero ball loss sytem, ensure 100% clean tubes
  • Extends life of capital equipment, prevents corrosion
  • Save energy up to 25% in HVAC chillers
  • Compact structure.
  • Increase cooling capacity of HVAC chillers improve condenser tube life
  • Ball collector pump :- flow:8T/H, Head:27 meters, power;1.1kw
  • Control cabinet:- Material:steel with Plastic spray, Power:3KW, Voltage: 415V 50HZ
  • Save energy up to 25% in HVAC chillers
  • Control:-Time Control, Manual control Defect alarm control.
Automatic Tube Cleaning System
Automatic Tube Cleaning System